Summer Living

Now that summer is here, almost anyway, outside living comes in focus. Whether you have a small or a big outside area, we all want it to be an extra room where we can party, relax and spend time with family and friends.

Even with small changes you can have a comfy place to enjoy. If you don’t do anything else, add plants and lights to your outside area and be amazed.

Maybe just adding beautiful outside rug is enough, or bring in some colour with  cushions and seat covers.

Now you can buy beautiful and colourful outside furniture like string chairs and wire chairs.  These chairs look so airy and light, so they suit even a small place.

If you are lucky and have a large outside area then a hammock is THE THING. Get it! So much fun and relaxing.

Get some inspiration and make it your own.


Even the smallest balcony can be quickly turned into a private oasis. Vintage-style furniture sets fit comfortably into most small spaces, allowing you a stylish place to relax, whilst still being easy to move around. Add in different throws and cushions to keep things fresh.  Via
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I love the sun hats on the fence.  Add your own personality to your space and make it fun.

How lovely is this! Painted patio floor, so cool. Go to and see how she did it. Or if it’s too much work get yourself an outdoor rug.